DEAD DREAMS Tee Long Sleeve
DEAD DREAMS Tee Long Sleeve

DEAD DREAMS Tee Long Sleeve

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Front is Red ink, Back is Navy ink, Sleeve is Black ink on White Gildan Hammer Long Sleeve shirt. 

50 years ago today, the Grateful Dead played 6 legendary shows at The Cap. During these run of shows, Dr. Stanley Krippner, a psychosomatic medicine doctor, introduced an ESP dream experiment to the band and fans. 2,000 heads gazed up at the stage, nearly all of them in various altered states of consciousness, were asked to participate in a telepathic dream experiment. They were shown a picture which they should “TRY USING YOUR ESP TO ‘SEND’” to Malcolm Bessent, a self proclaimed psychic, sleeping in a dram lab 45 miles off. As soon as the images were projected onscreen, the band began to play. They were the vehicle, the thing at the center of it all.